The Neighborhood Playbook
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Why 'The Playbook'?

The Playbook enables you to make small but strategic plays that will spur growth and shape what change looks like in your community by intentionally attracting developers, investors, and partners that fit what you want to see in your neighborhood. Conversely, the Playbook also enables developers to enter risky markets  (your neighborhood, even if you don’t see it that way) earlier by partnering with you to both mitigate risk and engage community in a meaningful way. It’s our hope that as you read our book, somewhere there is a developer who’s reading the flip side and thinking of using the Playbook to meet folks just like you. You both really want the same thing (thriving walkable urban neighborhoods, increased value and visibility, more people, etc), even if you want it for different reasons. We think it’s time the two of you met and we think we know how to make that happen.

You see, you’re the player, we’re the coaching staff, and we’ve developed The Playbook for you. We can’t necessarily be out there on the field with you but we can provide you with the plays that will help you succeed. Every field, or in this case community, is different. Every neighborhood, every place, every street, has context that only you are familiar with, that only you understand. The Playbook gives you access to a great set of plays, but it’s up to you to move the ball down the field. Click here and order the book and in it’s pages you will learn how to conduct an experiment that, with the right mix of materials, will influence the physical and economic destiny of your community.


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