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Finding our way together in an unpredictable future

This week’s United States elections ushered in a new level of unpredictability and another reminder of the widespread structural changes to business as usual that are underway. But a countervailing force also seems to be gaining momentum. Perhaps fittingly, we also saw this past week the third installment in as many months a small town’s determination to determine its own fate to attract investment and create hope that cuts through divisiveness and might be shared by all. Here, we see great cause for optimism in our neighborhoods, towns and cities in the years ahead.

Why 'The Playbook'?

The Playbook enables you to make small but strategic plays that will spur growth and shape what change looks like in your community by intentionally attracting developers, investors, and partners that fit what you want to see in your neighborhood. 

Joe Nickol
Development should not happen to a place, it should happen with a place.

This mindset was the inspiration for the creation of The Neighborhood Playbook: Activating Spaces, Developing Places. The Playbook is a user-friendly field guide designed to help break through the fears of community change and mitigate the risks developers take when working in transitioning neighborhoods. The Playbook offers communities and developers five plays to incrementally go from their respective comfort zones to profitably realized physical investment in authentic, lasting places. 

Joe Nickol